"Jesus said, 'I am the Way...'"
(JOHN 14:6)

John 14:5-14
“After this week of conference seminars, at last I see that I just need to live a disciplined life and be holy as He is holy.”

“It’s been only one week since the conference. I did pretty well the first couple days. But now I’m the same person with the same problems again.”

Sound familiar? If I kept a diary, that is how it would read. We often copy a method and call it the way. There is nothing wrong in itself with a method. But Jesus never said, “I am the Method.” Rather, He said, “I am the Way.”

I’ve spent many hours in book stores buying up new methods and thinking they were the way. I wish I could re-invest the time I’ve spent at seminars copying someone else’s method. In all my sincere attempts to draw nearer to Jesus,
I have instead drawn nearer to today’s experts. The resources I’ve run across are important only if they show me more of Christ, the Way. If I’m left in the end holding someone else’s road map to spirituality instead of holding tight to Jesus, I haven’t really found my way at all.

Scripture Focus

John 14:5-14



Bible In A Year

  • Numbers 1-2
  • Psalm 61
  • John 1

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