"'Don't be afraid,' the prophet answered. 'Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.'"
(2 KINGS 6:16)

2 Kings 6:8-17
This stunning account of an incident from Elisha’s life lets us see what it would be like to have “the curtain peeled back” and God’s heavenly army visibly revealed to us. Can you picture Elisha’s wide-eyed servant that day?

As the king of Syria waged war against Israel, God showed Elisha the enemy plans and Elisha covertly passed them along to the king of Israel. The Syrian king figured this out and sent a whole army to capture Elisha. Elisha’s poor servant was terrified, but Elisha knew better. He prayed that his servant would see what he saw: the mountains around them filled with horses and chariots
of fire!

The Lord delivered Elisha and his servant, and the entire nation of Israel, though not through the chariots of fire. Knowing they were there gave Elisha peace. He trusted God would work out His plan. The spiritual protection we rarely see surrounds us just as surely as it did Elisha. Even without chariots of fire, one believer with God on his side is more than enough to endure all the world’s troubles.

Scripture Focus

2 Kings 6:8-17


(ROMANS 8:31)

Bible In A Year

  • 2 Kings 15-16
  • Proverbs 18
  • 1 John 1-2

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