"Who of you by worrying can add
a single hour to his life?"
(Luke 12:25)

Luke 12:22-34
I think we could safely say that America is one of the most affluent civilizations that has ever existed. And yet, interestingly, statistics tell us that anxiety is at its highest level. How can this be? A quick Google search shows 30 prescription options for anxiety. In all our abundance, worry plagues us.

Perhaps some of that is fear of losing the material things that charm us now. Sometimes in the blink of an eye homes are foreclosed, jobs are ended, a good bill of health turns bad, dreams are snuffed out. A person’s financial picture-rosy yesterday-can collapse today.

We need the reassurance that everything is going to be OK; but we need to hear it from a source who will truly make good on that promise. Jesus invites us to live by faith and to trust in Him, to not treasure the things of this world which soon rust or fade away. Trust and worry are like gunslingers from an old Western: “This town’s not big enough for the both of us.” Seek first His kingdom, and your loving heavenly Father will care for you.

Scripture Focus

Luke 12:22-34


What shackles you with worry? Invite the Savior into those places of anxiety today and ask for His reassurance.

Bible In A Year

  • 2 Chronicles 19-20
  • Psalm 17
  • Matthew 24

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