“God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.’” Exodus 3:14
The Lord called Moses to confront Pharaoh, and Moses responded, “Who am I?” Don’t be quick to judge Moses—we respond the same way, often thinking there is no way God would want to use us. If we are honest about our sin and brokenness, we know that we are utterly insufficient to serve God and care for others. I recently have struggled with depression and despair because so many of my efforts as a chaplain seem to fail my soldiers. Part of understanding who we are is to first know who God is. Moses said, “Who am I?” and God said, “I am who I am.” If we know who God is and what He has done for us, then we begin to feel the safety of belonging to Him. As we explain to others the importance of having an identity that withstands the tests of suffering and time, we will explain the importance of knowing a God who alone can define us. Confess your insecurities to your God. Cry out in the pain of your insufficiency. I can promise you that He won’t tell you you’re sufficient, but you will come away realizing that He is.

Scripture Focus

Exodus 3


We cannot add anything on to what Christ has already done for us.

Bible In A Year

  • Nehemiah 7
  • Psalm 34
  • Mark 13