“You bestow glory on me and lift up my head…I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the LORD sustains me.”

Psalm 3:3b, 5
Centuries ago, when David wrote Psalm 3 centuries ago after fleeing from his rebellious son Absalom, he could not have known all the ways those recorded words would resonate with God’s people throughout the rest of time. Those who find themselves in the valley of depression today find great comfort here. For hopelessness and despair are often the very enemies we face.
If you are feeling downcast, set your mind on the phrases of encouragement from this psalm: “you are a shield around me” (v. 3); “you lift up my head” (v. 3); “he answers me” (v. 4); “the Lord sustains me” (v. 5); “from the Lord comes deliverance” (v. 8).
Then go to the pages of your Bible and take note of a word that is seen three times in Psalm 3: Selah. Have you wondered about that Hebrew word? Scholars have considered its 71 appearances in the Psalms and have puzzled much over its meaning. The most likely definition is “pause and reflect upon what has just been said.” So along with the psalmist, I invite you to think about it; pause and reflect over God’s words of comfort and assurance to you. They will carry you through.

Scripture Focus

Psalm 3


May the psalms and many other places in Scripture be what you run to when you are downcast. You will find nourishment for your journey there.

Bible In A Year

  • Deuteronomy 21-22
  • Psalm 90
  • Acts 14