"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."
(Revelation 22:16)

Matthew 2:1-10

There are untold trillions of stars in the sky. For millennia, men on every continent have studied, grouped, painted and even worshipped them, creating stories in which our stars are players. Ever since man ventured out to discover the world, travelers by land and sea have navigated by the atlas of stars overhead.

For all their beauty and usefulness, there is a wonder, a majesty, an unattainable height about the starry hosts that speaks in quiet splendor of God’s glory and creative power…His Otherness! And by a star, God demonstrated His desire to lead a sin-sick world to Himself.

The star that guided the wise men was heralding an earthly event of tremendous eternal importance. They had studied it for years before it led them to the child in Bethlehem. How appropriate that an object of such unearthly, powerful light would be God’s beacon of loving generosity, His desire to rescue us, to be known by us, and to lead us. Light dispelling darkness…light leading to an ever-greater light, the Light of the World: Jesus Christ!

Scripture Focus

Matthew 2:1-10


The star over Bethlehem was only a guiding light pointing to Jesus. Now we must follow him!

Bible In A Year

  • Daniel 1-2
  • Proverbs 5
  • Hebrews 5-6