Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

Ephesians 5:18

When I first began doing prison ministry years ago, some inmates tested me to see if I would bend the rules. I’ve been asked by them to bring wine for the Lord’s Supper instead of grape juice. One man even suggested I bring “holy water” but replace it with vodka, claiming, “They’ll never know!” 

The old mindset always looks to cut corners and feed addictions. However, the newly transformed mindset in Christ discovers the better way, resisting the old temptations. Once a believer knows the “spiritual high” of choosing Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit, he doesn’t want to go back. 

Paul instructed the early church to avoid drunkenness. His words are not old-fashioned or outdated. Many of those serving prison sentences today regret the crimes they committed while drunk or high. Liquor and narcotics offer nothing compared to all the Lord offers when you come to Him. Let the Holy Spirit govern your life. Be filled with— even addicted to—Him! When you’re filled up with Jesus, your longings are satisfied. 


Scripture Focus

Ephesians 5:15-20


Pray for the Spirit to fill you so that you can make good choices that please God.

Bible In A Year

  • Exodus 31-32
  • Psalm 41
  • Luke 5