“Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, ‘Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts?’” Matthew 9:4
What could be more private than our own thoughts? As soon as we put a pen to paper or type words on a screen, we know that what we’ve written can be discovered. A secret, once confessed even to our closest friend, can be betrayed. But if we keep to ourselves, never divulging our deepest confidences and thoughts to anyone, all will be safe, right? God knows all. Nothing can be hidden from Him. He knew exactly what Adam and Eve had done in the garden. The Spirit told Ezekiel what was on the mind of the princes of Israel. Jesus knew the thoughts of the Pharisees. The Lord knows our thoughts, too. What makes all the difference is the fact that He loves us. We fear those who would expose us, who would use our thoughts against us. Our heavenly Father would do no such thing. He won’t humiliate us, manipulate us, or crush us. But He will expose our sin that we might be delivered from it by the blood of Christ who bore our shame. In Him our greatest secret hurts can be healed, and our secret longings can be fulfilled.

Scripture Focus

Ezekiel 11:1-12


Lord, You already know me. Uncover my own secrets that I might be rid of sin and Your blessings might be fulfilled. Amen

Bible In A Year

  • 2 Kings 11-12
  • Proverbs 16
  • 1 Peter 4-5