“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)

One of my favorite parts of backpacking is the excitement of every new day on the trail. Once while on a trip, our group decided to make camp along a creek we had viewed beforehand via satellite. But we discovered that the satellite imaging was outdated; there was no creek there at all! So we hiked on for miles searching for another campsite. Sore, sweaty, and tired, we all felt grouchy after the long day. Then as we rose in the morning, we found ourselves in a picturesque meadow bathed in the morning sun. We were greeted by the kindly howls of a coyote. The difficulties of the previous day vanished with the beauty all around us. 

We may experience the brokenness of our sins (and of others) and feel worn out with guilt, shame, and fear. But the mercy God has toward us in Christ is never exhausted. It comes faithfully like the morning sun. The phrase “steadfast love” is from the Hebrew word that communicates the forever love God has toward His people. His faithful love overcomes all that troubles us and wears us out. 

Scripture Focus

Lamentations 3:21-25


The hope of every Christian is not in his ability to not sin. It rests in the reality that God’s mercy is ever-present to meet us.

Bible In A Year

  • 1 Chronicles 18-19
  • Psalm 2
  • Matthew 1-2