“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22

Just look around at people in public areas, in friend groups, on job sites, etc. You might see more eye contact given to phone screens than to individual people. I’m sure you’ve been in restaurants where  people are at tables together but are giving all their attention to their phones. I recently watched this very thing with what appeared to be a dad and his little girl. She kept looking anxiously at him while he directed his eyes to his screen. We were made to be in relationship with others, and person-to-person eye contact is a significant part of that.

Zacchaeus not only wanted to see Jesus; He desired to know Him. The Lord knew Zacchaeus would eagerly welcome Him into his home and heart. Eye to eye, they spoke together there in a fellowship that would be life-changing and life- giving for Zacchaeus.

We all hunger for relationships that are  good and meaningful. Our spirits wilt when there is    a lack of life-giving fellowship with each other and especially with our Creator. Jesus has His loving eye on you.


Scripture Focus

Luke 2:36-39


Did you know that God considers you the “apple of his eye” (see Zechariah 2:8) and loves you “with an everlasting love” (see Jeremiah 31:3)?

Bible In A Year

  • Genesis 37-38
  • Psalm 19
  • Matthew 27