“‘My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children… from this time on and forever,’ says the Lord.”

Isaiah 59:21
“My Spirit, who is on you”—can we even begin to appreciate the depth of that statement? Does any of us comprehend that the power and strength of God’s Spirit are with us even now? When His Spirit is in us, He is constantly working on us—whether we realize it or not. His words are in our mouths, affecting our thoughts and changing our hearts. And when our thoughts and hearts are changed, so are those of the people around us. Our family members, neighbors, friends, grocery store clerks— they all can see “something different” because of the Spirit’s work in us.
If all of this is so, do you wonder why you still languish in the same old sins that you just can’t seem to change? Speak the Word of God sternly to yourself! His Word will not return void. When His Spirit begins to work in you, your life will change—in His providential timing and way.
See no evidence of change in your life? The long arm of the Lord is mighty enough to save you. Listen to the Holy Spirit as He uses God’s Word to speak to you. But listen hard!

Scripture Focus

Isaiah 59:16-21


“Never water down the Word of God, but preach it in its undiluted sternness.” (Oswald Chambers)

Bible In A Year

  • Deuteronomy 7-8
  • Psalm 83
  • Acts 5-6

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