“I obey your precepts and your statutes, for all my ways are known to you.”

Psalm 119:168

As far back as I can remember, I loved the feeling of adventure and awe that came with exploring nature. When the Lord drew me at age 20 to Himself, that aspect of my life was also transformed. I saw that God gave creation to humanity to be enjoyed and cared for. I began to understand what a gift it was to me personally as well. When I experience the joy of His creation, I remember that He is the One who planted this passion in my heart. Through it, He reminds me that He knows me and loves me intimately in a way that no one else ever could. 

God is letting you know, too, through His created beauty and through His written Word, that He knows and loves you. One of the greatest gifts you’ll ever have is the knowledge of how well God knows you and how personal His love for you is. 

It is a staggering truth to understand that the Creator of the heavens and earth—our perfect and holy God—sees our most inner thoughts, our selfish desires, our fears, and all of our weaknesses. Yet He chooses us as the object of His affections anyway. 

Scripture Focus

Psalm 139


God knows us at our worst and yet loves us so much. How can we say thank you to Him for His incredible love today?

Bible In A Year

  • 2 Chronicles 35-36
  • Psalm 25
  • Mark 4