“And God said, ‘Let the water teem with living creatures’ … God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

Genesis 1:20, 31
Having spent most of my life growing up in the southern California coastal city of San Diego, I quickly grew to love the ocean. It offered an exciting world for me to explore, one that I especially loved because of the sea life and adventures the ocean seemed to present. But as deep as my passion was at a young age, it was only when I was saved that I began to comprehend how creation reflects certain aspects of its Maker. 

Genesis 1 recounts God’s mighty work as Creator, making all things by His perfect design, embedding it with purpose and meaning. In this way, it serves as a testimony that the power of creation reflects the power of its Maker. God Himself also judged that all He made was good. 

When you and I see the beauty and power of the created world around us, we are brought into the awesome knowledge that creation is good because its Creator is good. And just think of it: we too are His creation! Sinful though we are, He sees us as good because through Jesus, He has redeemed us as His beloved ones, His perfect creations. 





About the Author:

Brian A. White 


Brian White is a pastor at a downtown San Diego church where he oversees spiritual formation, biblical counseling, and discipleship ministries. His greatest desire is to see people flourish in their relationship with Jesus, and to help them know that their lives have been written into the great gospel story. Brian and his wife Janey have two daughters and one son who keep them happy and busy. He enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and all things Sherlock Holmes. He’s passionate about the outdoors, especially the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Pacific Ocean (where his largest catch ever was a 287 lb. bluefin tuna). 


Scripture Focus

Genesis 1:1-2; 6-10; 20-31


Enjoy the created world around you. But stand in awe at the perfectly good God who made it all.

Bible In A Year

  • 1 Chronicles 14-15
  • Proverbs 31
  • Revelation 18-19