“I, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you should fear mortal men…? I have… covered you with the shadow of my hand.”

Isaiah 51:12, 16
In the midst of suffering—through loss of jobs, health, relationships, even life—we all experience fear and worry. Will I lose my house? What happens if I get sick while I have no medical insurance? How can I go on when the one I love has gone on without me? Why should I go on when I’ve been rejected and cast aside? Will this ever end?
There are no quick answers for any of these questions. Deep wounds may take a long time to heal. Slow healing is often more beneficial than an instant cure. One reason for that is because in the time of healing, we take time to reflect on the comfort we received from our Lord. How is it that you can endure your hardship and survive it? Through Jesus!
Whether or not you ever receive a definite answer to your questions about why you are suffering, know that the Lord your Maker will comfort you in it all. His words of encouragement found in the Bible will sustain you. The shadow of His hand will be felt even if it cannot be seen, and He will bring you through to the other side.

Scripture Focus

Isaiah 51:12-16


“I have put my words in your mouth,” the Lord says (v. 16). They are in your mind and heart to strengthen and comfort you!

Bible In A Year

  • Numbers 16
  • Psalm 69
  • John 10