"He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus."

Revelation 22:12-21
The question to ask yourself when reading the book of Revelation is not when or how these things are going to happen. It is not for us to try figuring out who will be the specific players in the events at the end of the world. The question we ought to ask when studying Revelation is “why are these things going to happen?”

Our answer is found in the very last part of Revelation. The last verse testifies what the entire Bible has been pointing to all along – that He is coming back to complete His rescue plan for His people. Any believer (particularly those under severe persecution) is looking for the hope of relief. Everyone longs for an end to sin and suffering. Everyone wants justice. Doesn’t everyone desire peace? The heart of every believer longs for face-to-face fellowship with God. What we all want is Jesus.

Jesus testifies that He is coming soon to accomplish these things. He will put an end to suffering and sin. He will give us eternal life with Him in glory, and no sin will dwell there at all!

Scripture Focus

Revelation 22:12-21



Bible In A Year

  • Ezra 9-10
  • Psalm 30
  • Mark 9