“For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure.”

2 Timothy 4:6

In some of his last words to Timothy, Paul recognizes that the end of his earthly life and ministry is fast approaching. While we may not know the reality of Paul’s circumstances, we can relate to the feeling of being at the very end, or what we might call “burnout.” Though not typifying Paul, for us it often coincides with loneliness, cynicism, and helplessness. 

Are you burned out? I suffer a period of burnout in my chaplain ministry about once a year. I overcommit myself to my soldiers and over-invest myself in their problems. I try to come through for them and for my family. I lack rest. Usually, this is the result of a subtle shift—I try to be Jesus rather than to serve Jesus. 

Sometimes numerous difficult circumstances converge upon our lives. If you work without rest, leisure, and quality time with quality people, you often lose both sleep and a proper focus on Jesus. This creates the physical and spiritual conditions for all the other maladies that accompany depression. Jesus will pour you out in His appointed time—don’t do it to yourself! 

Scripture Focus

2 Timothy 4:1-8


“The gospel is God’s answer for both the suffering and the sin that leads to burnout.” (Katherine Roberts, 2016)

Bible In A Year

  • Esther 7-8
  • Psalm 41
  • Luke 4