“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard.”

Psalm 133:1-2

A special bond forms between people as they spend time together in the wild. Friendships started during outdoor adventures seem to bring a unique interpersonal connection. Shared challenges turn out to be a gift. I have benefited from this myself over the years, often with friends I see only once a year when we meet up for hiking trips. Though we have been apart for months, the bond of friendship and brotherhood is as strong as ever. 

Similarly, the unity of God’s people has always been and will always be one of His richest blessings to the church. It brings brothers and sisters together into relationships that are supernaturally formed by the Spirit, through the blood of Christ. We travel together through hardships and joys, leaning on each other as we go. 

Being in the family of God and loving one another is one of the greatest forms of evangelism that we possess. As the church practices radical love for each other, dwelling in unity in a world plagued with conflict, it shines brightly with the love of Christ. 

Scripture Focus

Psalm 133


The world looks closely at how Christians love one another. Are you loving the brothers and sisters in your life to the glory of God?

Bible In A Year

  • Ezra 5-6
  • Psalm 28
  • Mark 7