Ep. 1 – Christ died. Christ lives. Christ is coming soon. But until then, Christ is reigning! This week, Charles Morris is on the air from Poland to share stories that remind us that Christ reigns even in times of war.

E. 2 – “Come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge.” That’s a big, bold prayer from Psalm 31. Listen to Charles Morris live from Poland, as he shows us how to boldly pray this psalm.

Ep. 3– Can we pray to God even in the midst of war? Can our Lord be stopped by the terrifying weapons of modern armies?

Ep. 4 – The Lord saw Israel suffering, and he moved to protect them. Join Charles Morris in remembering that Lord cares for the vulnerable. He cares for us.

Ep. 5 – Today, we will hear from a woman who made it out of Ukraine with her family and a Ukrainian pastor serving now in Poland. We’ll also look to the encouraging words of Psalm 23.

Ep. 1 – Trusting God in Uncertain Times
March 7, 2022
Ep. 2 – A Prayer of Boldness
March 8, 2022
Ep. 3 – The Sovereign King of Everything
March 9, 2022
Ep. 4 – God’s Heart for the Vulnerable
March 10, 2022
Ep. 5 – Our Good Shepherd
March 11, 2022



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