“But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.”

2 Peter 3:13

Tomorrow the calendar marks the first day of spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. Today plants are growing, flowers are blooming, and animals are nursing their young. The whole earth appears to be renewing itself.
Easter is also a time of rebirth and renewal when we celebrate our own rebirth and renewal accomplished by the cross and resurrection. It’s a renewal not only for us, but also for all creation which eagerly awaits its freedom from the effects of sin.
God’s plan is to create a new heaven and earth which will be our home of righteousness for eternity. The desert will bloom with flowers (Isaiah 35:1-2). There will be a never-ending growing season and abundant harvest (Amos 9:13). Violence among animals will end as wolves, lambs, lions, oxen and bears lie down together (Isaiah 11:6-9). We will eat from the tree of life (Revelation 22:2). There will be no more night (Revelation 22:5).
All of this will be for us because of the cross and resurrection. Oh, what a gift and future our Savior has planned for us!

Scripture Focus

Romans 8:18-25


“We are declared Christ’s righteousness because Christ is our righteousness so that we will be fit for the land in which righteousness dwells.” (Matt Chandler)

Bible In A Year

  • Numbers 33-34
  • Psalm 78
  • John 20