He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble.

Proverbs 28:13-14

Today in Proverbs we return to the familiar biblical theme that the Lord promises mercy and grace to those who turn from their sins and repent. The entire 28th chapter is a contrast between the ways of the wicked and the ways of the righteous. And in the exact middle of the chapter is this particular passage of confession and forsaking sin.
As Christians we are well aware that we do not live perfectly before God. We all have fallen short. Yet we also know that there is mercy to be found at the cross. Do not hide your sin or pretend to be clean. The guilt and sense of an owed debt will not just fade away if you give it enough time. But the grace the Lord promises and is known for will wash over your sin because Jesus came to pay the price.
In Christ we know the mercy of God, we know the grace of God, we know the provision He has made. You can know the feeling of a weight lifted from your shoulders because your Savior bore a cross on His shoulders for you. In light of His mercy, confess your sin to Him now.

Scripture Focus

Proverbs 28


Daily confessing your sins to your heavenly Father will help you grow ever closer to the giver of good gifts.

Bible In A Year

  • Jeremiah 1-2
  • Psalm 104
  • Acts 28