"...They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory."
(MATTHEW 24:30B)

Philippians 2:1-11

The Super Bowl has become the biggest sporting day in North America. It’s now more than just a couple of football teams competing to become the NFL’s top team. With an estimated 110 million viewers watching the game, it feels more like a holiday. Most of these viewers will gather at parties with friends and family, eating an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings. Domino’s estimates they will drive four million miles delivering pizza on Super Bowl Sunday alone!

Though the Super Bowl is a major event, there is a coming day that will capture 100% of the entire world’s attention. When Jesus returns to this world, everyone will see Him in all His glory. The Bible teaches that many will mourn on this day because they will understand that He has come to judge their sins. But God’s Word also says that all of Jesus’ people will rejoice on that day. We will finally see the One who came to this earth 2,000 years ago to rescue us from our sins. We will see our Beloved and worship Him forever. What a glorious day!

Scripture Focus

Philippians 2:1-11


Don't let your heart treasure this world more than the One who is coming back for it. Jesus will return! Be ready for the party!

Bible In A Year

  • Exodus 11-12
  • Psalm 31
  • Mark 11