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Ben-Hur Witnesses the Death of Jesus

Near the end of the movie, Ben-Hur meets Jesus one final time … at the cross. Confused by what he is seeing, Ben-Hur asks his longtime friend why such a terrible thing should happen to such a good person. It’s a question we all might find ourselves thinking about on Good Friday.


BenHur_DVDBen-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

In the short list of truly epic movies, Ben-Hur is distinctive for pointing to Jesus while portraying a powerful story of love, heartbreak, slavery, heroism and redemption.

Living in the time of Christ, Judah Ben-Hur would have been a prince of Israel if not for the oppressive occupation of the Romans. As a man of wealth and privilege the last thing he expected was to be unjustly condemned to the Roman galleys, which was the same as a death sentence. His heroic escape, journey back to Jerusalem, and his quest for revenge would have ended in tragedy if not for one thing . . . coming face to face with Jesus.


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  • Kathleen L. Schumacher says:

    April 21, 2019
    Happy Resurrection Day !
    I just made a relatively small donation and requested the DVD movie: “Ben-Hur, A tale of the Christ”. When making the request, I forgot to put my middle initial: “L.” in the payment section. It should read: Kathleen L. Schumacher NOT JUST Kathleen Schumacher. Please make the necessary minor adjustment when charging my credit card..
    Yours in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
    Kathleen L. Schumacher

  • Donald Thompson says:

    Offered my love gift today and can’t wait to recieve the movie. Thank you for your ministry.

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